Basında 20. HID BAH ŞEN FEST

Çalıklı Festivali 20 yaşında >>>


20-от “Хид Бах Шен Фест“ и во Струмица >>>


Балканска фолклорна манифестација „Хид Бах Шен фест“ во Струмица >>>


МИА – Во Струмица се одржа дваесеттиот „Хид Бах Шен фест“ >>>

Во Струмица се одржа дваесеттиот „Хид Бах Шен фест“ >>>

Balkan folklore festival “Hid Bah Sen Fest” in Strumica >>>


Balkan folklore festival “Hid Bah Sen Fest” in Strumica >>>


Balkan folklore festival “Hid Bah Sen Fest” in Strumica >>>


Gündem Gazetesi ~ HID BAH ŞEN FEST — Hakkında yazdı >>>




Burası Batı Trakya ~ HID BAH ŞEN FEST — Hakkında yazdı >>>

20. Jübilesi gerçekleştirilen HID BAH ŞEN FEST — Hakkında yazdı >>>


Yabancı Basında ~ HID BAH SEN FEST >>>


Hakkımızda yazılan yazının kaynağı >>>

8th May Dancers at the Tatarli/Çalikli International Spring Folk Festival


The Organiser introducing the day’s events – including the Salonika Campaign Society!

Male dancersFelame dancers of the same troupeID Card

The men and women of one troupe. Each troupe had a member hold a placard or flag throughout their performance. Makedonya Bahar means Macedonian Spring


The costumes were incredibly varied in both style and decoration.

Turkish hen night?Turkish marriage ritual?Flag holder

This troupe danced what appeared to be a pre-marital women’s ritual, quite unlike the British hen-night shenanegans! Note the “bride” is heavily-veiled in the first picture but has had a red cloth added in the second. She sat on a chair throughout and played an entirely passive rôle. The other girls danced with what looked like candles on plates. I pitied the girls left to hold a flag or placard for anything up to 20 minutes with their arms outstretched. This one reads Jupa Turkish Culture, Art and Education Society, Novak. Novak is in the Jupa Municipality, a Turkish enclave in Macedonia, close to Lake Ochrid.

Bobble galore

This was the most unusual costume of the day, in my opinion. The aprons were heavily decorated and trimmed with bobbles.


I think these were local children as they received resounding cheers when they appeared. Even so, their costumes are fantastic and must take ages to embroider.

Plain costume

Only one troupe did not have highly-decorated costumes.

Combat!The chosen girl

This was one of the boy-meets-girl dances but in this one two boys chose the same girl and fought over her, encouraged by all the girls.


And still the varied costumes crossed the stage.

After four hours the group had to leave, leaving several more troupes to trip the light fantastic to the Muse of Dance, Terpsichore. This was one memorable day!






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